We are ideally placed to deliver both planned smart metering installations and unplanned emergency and maintenance activity. 

We offer national gas and electricity metering services. We have in-house appointment booking, SMiCOP compliant customer engagement and high levels of both commissioning and completions.  

Our primary aim is to deliver the best possible smart journey with a focus on efficiency, quality and responsiveness from installation to on-going maintenance, all at a competitive price.  

How we help customers meet their requirements: 

Smart Metering


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Quality and Safety Assurance

Quality and Safety Assurance

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Smart Support Services

Smart Support Services

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We offer an independent national metering provision for domestic and business energy retailers. We have successfully installed over 1.5 million smart meters; we are the key strategic partner to our clients in the government-mandated domestic smart meter roll-out and we support with warrant-related metering activities.  

We work efficiently and securely to manage metering appointments and installations, supported by an extensive IT infrastructure including our proprietary system, IFS.  

Additional aspects of our service that enable an efficient service to our customers: 

  • Density created through a blended workforce  
  • RSA accreditation and DCC adaptor integration  
  • Responsive MOP and MAM service to meet and exceed industry SLAs 
  • Dedicated SMETS2 commissioning helpdesk  
  • Processing of MOP and MAM industry data flows 
  • Customer centric approach to meet our clients' requirements   
  • Logistics and reverse logistics network 

Quality and Safety Assurance

Quality and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. Using an industry-leading auditing and quality assurance framework, we ensure every meter installation or investigation is done to the highest standards.    

Our motto – safety first, safety always – highlights the importance of the safety of our people and consumers. Using a combination of work-in-progress, post-install-completion and desktop auditing, our clients know that all work is completed to the highest standards in both quality and safety.    

We also assure quality through our: 

  • Robust auditing and quality assurance framework  
  • No abort without support through our dedicated Technical Helpdesk 
  • A transparent safety culture that engages all employees and our clients 
  • Implementation of best practice through membership and attendance to Association of Meter Operators and other Retail Energy Code working groups
  • Metering insights from our national meter reading workforce  

This approach to quality and safety ensures that our completion rates exceed 83% with commissioning success rates consistently achieving 95%. 

Smart Support Services

In addition to our national smart metering service provision, we have tailored workforce to support the ongoing communication and maintenance of AMR, SMETS1 and SMETS2 smart meters.  

Not all metering issues need a fully qualified metering engineer. Using dedicated non-comms engineers, we provide a range of highly competitive and responsive smart support services.   

Using this tailored workforce we can offer: 

  • Non-communicating meter rectification 
  • Join recovery work 
  • SMETS2 Comms Hub power cycle  
  • ETM gas meter battery exchanges 
  • T3 aerial installations 
  • HAN surveys  

Our non-comms engineers are highly trained to manage this range of meter services. Our clients benefit from a competitive price, and we remove the need for a qualified metering engineer to visit site. This allows metering engineers to focus on installing smart meters and hitting energy retailers’ smart metering objectives.  

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