Innovation can come from any area of the business and can include improving equipment, new ways of working or anything that improves daily processes. We evaluate existing work practices to identify opportunities in which innovation could improve efficiency. Our innovation portfolio not only benefits our clients through cost reduction, efficiency and risk reduction but also benefits our people by providing work environments that create a better customer experience. We enjoy looking for new ways in which we can challenge the 'everyday' to provide a more streamlined process for our people, our clients and their customers.

Job Manager: Holds job data loaded in as requested jobs, allocating these jobs to the correct people based on location and job type. Job Manager then manages the job outcomes back from the reps once complete and either passes the read data back to the client or will create a follow-up job, or it will close the job down in the case of a no access depending on the business rules for visit volumes for that job type and client

Power BI: Takes data from both of the above systems and consolidates this into a reporting suite as well as providing visibility to managers of which jobs have been allocated to their data collectors. It also identifies which jobs are yet to be allocated and historical outcomes of allocated jobs.

Photo Portal

Morrison Data Services has implemented an innovative photo portal that acts as a central hub for all images from the IMS, improving data accuracy and field efficiences.

What we do

The portal allows the user to search and preview photographs of meter reads, tagging them in order to categorise them for future searches. When a specific image is selected, the user will be presented with additional information, such as supplier, address, date and time. It also includes reporting capabilities that allows the user to understand the data that is accessible.

The benefits

The core benefits of the portal are the accuracy and efficiency improvements that it offers, allowing our people to consolidate and collate data in a far more coordinated way.

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