As the UK’s leading meter reading agent in the energy and water sectors, we offer unrivalled scale and resilience that provides our customers certainty of delivery as meter reading requirements change over time.  

We deliver cost effective outcomes through innovation and customer collaboration. Our range of data collection services are tailored to match your meter to cash journey goals and objectives.  


Data Collection
Meter to cash journey

Meter to cash journey

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Scale and Resilience

Scale and Resilience

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Long-term Certainty of Delivery

Long-term Certainty of Delivery

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Meter to cash journey

We support our customers by delivering the most benefit from each visit we undertake to an end-customer's property.  

We have progressed data collection from a field activity to a data-driven and targeted end-to-end process. We combine years of industry experience, back-office functions and a national field force to maximise the outcomes from each field visit.  

We deliver a quality meter to cash journey through: 

  • Cyclic meter reading services – over 53 million site visits per annum 
  • Maximising visit outcomes for settlements and reducing long term unread  
  • Easy to use customer own read solution  
  • Water meter replacement and exchange  
  • Bespoke end-customer engagement campaigns and appointments, including outbound dialling 
  • Capturing photos during our visits to support the rapid resolution of end-customer queries 

Scale and Resilience

We are a truly national meter reading agent, servicing every postcode in Great Britian. Our national workforce of 2,200 data collectors conduct over 53 million site visits annually. Our dedicated planning and performance team ensures we can manage fluctuations in work volumes, combining a flexible workforce and bespoke systems to deliver the greatest efficiencies. 

This enables us to offer unrivalled scale and resilience in meeting our customers’ meter reading objectives.  

We have the ability to: 

  • Create greatest density through the aggregation and alignment of 30 energy retailers 
  • Ensure future resilience through the smart meter rollout and beyond  
  • Adapt to changes in work volumes with a responsive and flexible national workforce 
  • Create collaborative working relationships with our clients that provide positive outcomes 
  • Offer the most cost-effective solutions 
  • Complete large-scale TUPE transfers 

As the sole outsource partner for the Big 5, and operating for 50 energy and water retailers, we have a proven track record of providing an outstanding level of service. Our success and the longevity of relationships is built on trust – we have been the meter reading agent of choice for many of our customers for over 10 years.  


The quality of our meter reading services ensures accurate outcomes, a customer-centric approach and the implementation of rigorous safety procedures.  

The quality of our service starts with a robust recruitment process, where all employees are vetted to British Standard 7858. This focus continues with a comprehensive training process, providing data collectors with the skills and knowledge to record outcomes correctly and deal with customers in a friendly and professional manner. 

Our approach to quality ensures that: 

  • We enable accurate billing of customers 
  • >99% of reads recorded accurately 
  • We’ve achieved the ROSPA Gold Safety Award and the British Safety Council International Safety Award with Merit 
  • Our Accident Frequency Rate reduced from 0.20 in 2020 to 0.06 in 2021 

This approach to a quality service allows our clients to put their trust in us. We’ve been delivering critical services on a national basis for over 26 years and now support around 50 utility retailers. 

Long-term Certainty of Delivery

As the smart meter roll-out continues, density is eroded, and meter reading becomes more challenging to provide. Our experience and scale ensure that we can continue to offer services with long-term certainty of delivery.  

We are at the forefront of innovation and are constantly seeking new technological solutions to support our seamless delivery.  

We use two key systems in the delivery of our services – Temetra, where we are the UK’s leading user, and our proprietary system, IMS. These technologies provide in-day visibility of performance, intelligent scheduling and better outcomes for our customers.   

Implementing technological solutions has allowed us to: 

  • Increase our end-customer engagement  
  • Maximise productivity 
  • Reduce travel time  
  • Increase opportunities to read 
  • Use geo-tagging to support future readings 

Expert knowledge ensures we can combine our field workforce and work management systems to continue providing our clients with industry leading services. 

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