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Morrison Data Services is the UK’s leading utility data services business, differentiated by the scale and capability of its national workforce.
This provides regulatory assurance and innovative solutions to energy and water retailers in rapidly changing markets.

Our success to date is based on the following key competencies:

  • Large scale processing of regulated data to strict industry compliant standards
  • Large scale, multiskilled, flexible national workforce
  • Unrivalled Data Collection capability
  • An ability to adapt to change in an ever-evolving market place
  • Development of large scale, multi-product relationships with clients

As a part of M Group Services, Morrison Data Services has access to enhanced capabilities across our group in utilities, transport and communications, with our skilled and competent workforce in excess of 8,000 people and contributes towards a turnover of almost £1 billion and growing. Watch the showreel below to understand the Group structure and how M Group Services operates:


 Key Facts

Our field force carry an identification badge (ID) which shows their photo, name, unique number and expiry date of the card.  You can affirm the operative’s identity by confirming the unique ID number using the telephone number provided on the ID card.  They also carry a mobile device which is password protected and can be remotely wiped in the unlikely event that it is lost.  This means your data is safe.

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