Journey to Net-Zero.

M Group Services has committed to achieving a 50% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2030 and our objective is to ensure that all our people operate in a way that supports a reduction in carbon emissions every day. We are currently investigating ways to reduce carbon throughout our operations. Active monitoring is making a significant difference in the way our people think and act, and we actively invest in innovative solutions by working with our customers to identify more efficient ways of working. 

Current initiatives include:  

Green Fleet Strategy - Our strategy aims to create a sustainable transport fleet that is updated as emerging technology is available, mitigating environmental degradation by reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Optimised Work Routes - using our innovative scheduling systems and aggregation of data collection and smart metering services, we can minimise the distance our field workforce travel and reduce the impact of our services on the environment. 

Carbon reduction in our offices – we use solar panels to heat water, light sensors to reduce electricity use, greywater harvesting and recycling facilities to reduce waste and our carbon footprint in our back-office operations.  

We measure emissions on an annual basis. For year-on-year reductions, we follow the three-stage model recommended by the Carbon Trust. This includes fuel for plant and fleet, along with electricity and energy consumption and business travel. We see working in partnership with our customers as an ideal method to intensify our efforts, and to help spread best practice and learning from our contracts to other areas.  

We also recognise environmental compliance and governance. We operate with environmental integrity and consider our environmental duty of care throughout all our operations. As well as identifying, assessing, recording and communicating environmental risks and issues throughout the business we work hard to invest and support innovations that truly make a difference in these areas. 

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