The Importance of Road Safety

20th October 2023

Earlier this month, we spent time reflecting on the importance of road safety and driving excellence through a range of toolbox talks for our Installation Services contract by emphasising the dangers our people could encounter while driving.

The sessions have used real life events to raise awareness of driver and vehicle safety, with the aim of preventing potential incidents in future.

The toolbox talks emphasised the importance of road risk with vehicle check demonstrations during each session. This also involved showing worn down tyres at each venue for drivers to see and demonstrate how to conduct a tyre check. We also had a Safety Cameras Scotland in attendance for one session, which proved to be one of the best driver engagement sessions of the week.

The sessions also included guest speakers from the local fire service who provided a talk on road safety and the 'fatal 5' with VR headsets for those attending the event to use which showed a collision.

Feedback from the first toolbox talk event has been incredibly positive. Here’s what some of our people said:

“The session was incredibly informative and provided clarity on important issues drivers face on a daily basis.”

“It’s crucial for drivers to be aware of hazards and understand the importance of road safety.”

Leading the sessions was Kevin Carty, Occupational Road Risk Manager, who said:

''The aim of our Reality of Road Risk event is to engage with drivers, showing them the reality of what can happen when travelling to their next job. By showing vehicle dashcam footage, photos, driver testimonies and introducing practical exercises into the event, we can help share our learnings while driving home the importance of road risk.''

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