Smart Meter – Smart Non-comms

5th April 2022


Smart Support Services


A large residential energy retailer had a large portfolio of SMETS2 meters that were in a non-communicative state.   

The client identified that a comms-hub power cycle would be required to establish the meters communications to the DCC. Ensuring that the customer could benefit from the smart meter's full functionality.   


Our client wanted to ensure the most effective resolution to this problem and ensure best customer experience.  


Firstly, we used our in-house contact centre to engage customers and book appointments for an engineer to visit.   

Using our specialist staff, we saw a 30% improvement in appointment booking versus our client's own team.     

Then using our bespoke non-comms trained engineers, we visited sites to undertake the comms-hub power-cycle. We were able to achieve a success rate of up to 80% in establishing meter communications.   

Our client also gained invaluable information on their portfolio and further understood which meters to target first to achieve the best outcome – thereby maximising efficiencies.  


Using bespoke non-comms engineers, fewer meter exchanges were needed resulting in a 25% saving on end of term MAP charges.   

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