Smart Meter Installations

5th April 2022


Smart Metering


In 2015, we become an installation partner to EDF Energy in their smart meter roll-out programme.   

Having already been a key provider for more than 10 years in meter reading and installation and maintenance services, EDF Energy were aware of our ability to deliver large scale projects to the highest standards in quality. 


EDF Energy required a partner capable of installing smart meters in Wales, the North West and Midlands, covering one third of the country. We had to demonstrate a strong focus on ensuring excellent customer service, the highest standards in safety, quality assurance and efficiency of operations. 


Since 2015, our relationship has grown from strength to strength. We now deploy over 200 engineers and have expanded the regions in that we operate to include London and Central South England 

Assisting EDF Energy in meeting their government mandated targets, we plan to install 200,000 meters during 2022.    

All our work is done with safety at the forefront of our operations. We are proud to have an open and transparent relationship, ensuring any health and safety incident or near miss is shared. This allows both parties to put in place measures to address issues and mitigate incidents occurring again in the future.  


During the last 7 years, and through the renewal of our contracts, we’ve been a key partner in supporting EDF Energy hit their smart meter installation targets.    

Our customer engagement and SMICoP training also ensure that the installation visits make a positive impact and enhance their overall customer experience. 

“EDF Energy is proud to say that Morrison Data Services has been providing us with a range for services over the last 17 years, over the course of which we've fostered a fantastic working relationship. 

In relation to the installation and maintenance of meters, they have previously been our appointed MOP and MAM and currently are one of our key Smart Meter installation partners in the UK. 

They have installed a large proportion of our smart meter deployment in the last 7 years in what has been a challenging market. EDF Energy is happy with the overall level of quality and performance of Morrison Data Services. We have jointly developed a very open and honest approach to meeting the many operational challenges and enjoy a truly collaborative approach to service delivery.”  

Mark Sweetland, Relationship Manager - Smart Metering Operations 

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