Outsourcing of Water Meter Reading Activities

13th November 2020


Data Collection


In January 2021, we secured a contract to provide outsourced meter reading and back-office support for a large water retailer in the South of England. This 5-year deal covers the AMP7 regulatory period.  

We successfully demonstrated our experience in water meter reading and data management. Completing 13 million site visits annually and managing 4 million meter points for 20 water retailers, we showed our ability to provide longevity to the meter reading workforce and improved performance. 


Our client had nearly one million customers that needed their meters read and data to be managed correctly. In additionthey had 50 meter readers that they needed to ensure long term employment and job satisfaction.  


To meet their requirements, we supply a range of services, including: 

With a vast amount of experience in contract governance, we provided a dedicated account manager to ensure a collaborative partnership with our client. We can respond effectively to changing requirements and achieve the best possible performance through collaborative working.  


Our client has already seen benefits through our delivery. We have delivered 100% compliance on key performance indicatorsand there has been swift response and resolution to any queries. 

Working with our clients contact centre provider, we have also been able to decrease the number of check reads by 64%. Reducing costs and the improving the time to resolve meter to cash billing queries.

They recently said: "Our relationship with Morrison Data Services went live earlier this year for the general reading of our meters and associated processing of reads. During the implementation phase, we worked collaboratively to jointly face and address any challenge that arose, which resulted in a fast paced successful project. This was mainly down to the tenacious efforts of the MDS project teams and collaborative working with Southern Water and other suppliers. Since then, the service has been running very well and is a core part of our customer service journey. I certainly look forward to see what other insights and innovation our relationship with MDS will bring over the coming years." - Robert Wright, Contract & Supplier Manager Southern Water

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