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  • The Water Division of Morrison Data Services, formally Meter U, was acquired by Morrison Data Services in June 2017.
  • We are ranked #1 in the UK Water Market for the services we offer
  • With an industry leading delivery model we ensure our customers receive a distinct set of advantages that are in tune with their business and regulatory requirements
  • By using safe, innovative delivery models underpinned by leading edge technology, we collect key data in a highly accurate and timely fashion
  • These core collection services not only enable our customers to deliver their meter to cash processes more efficiently, but ensure that when customer contact occurs, answers can be given with certainty – reducing negative perception risk
  • Independently accredited for health and safety, quality and IT security, we ensure through our processes driven culture that our business continues to innovate to ensuring competitive advantage for our clients.

Geographic Footprint

Strength through outsourcing is now further enhanced with Commercial Water reading throughout the UK and particular with Anglian Water Business and Water Plus (Severn Trent WASC area)

2017 Fast Facts

  • We delivered 17million meter data transactions in total
  • In the UK Water Market alone, we successfully returned to our customers 7 millions reads via our long term contracts
  • To ensure quality and accuracy we took over 2 million photographs
  • Our belief based safety culture helped us achieve an accident frequency rate of zero for nearly 1 million hours worked.

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