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Pan-Utility Meter Services

Having been acquired in June 2017, Meter-U now operates all of its water services through Morrison Data Services which includes comprehensive meter reading and data collection services. 

Providing the full scope of meter reading and data collection services, Morrison Data Services supports the entire range of our clients’ revenue collection activities in both the regulated and deregulated utility markets.

Our industry leading service delivers demonstrable efficiencies that reduce cost and improve the accuracy of domestic, commercial and industrial customer billing. We also offer sales investigation services, confirming the status of property occupancy and asset data validation, throughout the UK and Ireland.

Customer Experience

Morrison Data Services has an industry leading record of delivering excellent customer service. All of our personnel are trained to provide an outstanding level of engagement. We understand the importance of regulatory measures and align to our clients’ standards to ensure compliance and consistency.

UK & Ireland Coverage

Over 500 Morrison Data Services personnel deliver meter reading and data collection services throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. This includes rural areas and dense urban conurbations. We are the most experienced company in our sector at achieving cost efficiencies across geographically diverse regions.

Partnership Temetra

Temetra is the leading provider of cloud-based meter data management for water and energy meters. They have developed a comprehensive data collection infrastructure and can combine mobile collection and fixed network data from a wide variety of technologies, into a single high performance repository.

Meter Reading

Morrison Data Services is the market leader for meter reading and data collection services in the regulated and deregulated water and energy markets.

Our skilled personnel collect seventeen million reads and collate millions of additional items of data for utility clients.

Meter Data Management

In collaboration with our technology partners, Morrison Data Services has successfully led the implementation of an industry leading cloud-based meter data management (MDM) solution to five key customers. We provide a wide range of services that allows our customers to focus on delivering bills and customer satisfaction without the need to engage in the task of data collection.

Sales Investigation

Morrison Data Services understands the importance of being able to provide a trained and highly competent workforce to carry out investigations following the receipt of customer enquiries.

We successfully complete site investigations to identify leaks, usage patterns or resolve any consumer billing concerns.

Client Revenue Protection

Morrison Data Services provides a range of solutions to ensure that our utility clients’ revenue is maximised.

We deliver a number of bespoke, discreet projects for clients and market agencies to validate metering and property information. In addition, we prevent uncollected revenue by conducting occupancy visits and confirming 

Meter Replacement

Morrison Data Services has the demonstrable capability of going beyond the standard remit of reading meters and collecting data. We utilise our existing field teams, systems and processes for an extended range of services.

We carry out meter validation activities to ensure that the meters are accurate.

Meter Installation

Morrison Data Services provides meter installation services for a range of clients across the UK.

We operate with highly skilled teams who understand the importance of safety. They competently install meters to manage customer consumption and accurately maximise client revenue.

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