Morrison Data Services digital photo portal increases efficiency and enhances customer service

17th December 2021

Morrison Data Services has been using an innovative photo portal that acts as a central hub for all images of meter readings, with the aim of improving data accuracy and field efficiencies. The use of the photo portal provides a more streamlined process for both our people and the customers that they serve. 

The photo portal allows the user to search and preview photographs of meter readings, tagging them in order to categorise them for future searches. When a specific image is selected, the user will be presented with additional information, such as supplier, address, date, time and visit outcome. It also includes reporting capabilities that allows the user to understand the data that is accessible, allowing them to identify trends in visits that can be resolved to improve efficiency.  

Photographic evidence can be utilised to support field activities, as the visual proof of the outcome allows not only our customers to understand and resolve hard to read sites but also allows our scheduling teams to better plan their visit cycles, ensuring that customers are not left waiting.   

With millions of photographs already collected, this process is a key activity in Morrison Data Services’ delivery of its overall business plan to consolidate and modernise the data collection business, supporting our efforts to ensure that customers receive a high-quality service that is both quick and reliable.  

Morrison Data Services’ photo portal is a digital innovation that has people at its core. By providing a clearer understanding of the data that our people collect, it allows our people to plan the use of their time in a more structured and streamlined way, which in turn provides customers with a seamless meter reading experience. Working this way means we can minimise our vehicle mileage, helping to keep our CO2 emissions down. Furthermore, this process is fully compliant with the correct data privacy and security standards, ensuring that we operate responsibly from a GDPR perspective.  

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